An Ear For Baby is a podcast that takes its name and theme from a song on The Thermals' seminal 2006 record The Body, The Blood, The Machine.  The song is a cheerful manifesto from a fictional fascist leader in the near future whose m.o. is building walls, imposing a morality he himself lacks on others, and depleting natural resources for his own gain.  The podcast is a bunch of people from diverse fields worried about that future being nearer than we (or the Thermals) thought.  But there are also jokes, and interviews with people who have some ideas on how we can make the world a bit less garbage in these decidedly garbage-y political times.



CHAS CAREY is a writer, producer, occasional actor, and attorney (which means that all views he expresses on the show are his own, not his clients' or his firm's, and do not constitute legal advice).  His work has been featured in places such as NANO FictionThe American Intelligence Journal, and the quarterly Hearth Gods reading series in New York City.

SAM REISMAN is a writer and editor, living in Brooklyn and working in Manhattan, where he covers politics, media, and other mishaps as a staff editor at Mediaite.  Since 2011, he has hosted the bi-monthly reading series Peculiar Streams in the East Village.  His proudest moment was when Alan Colmes once mentioned his name on Fox News.

ALEX WEINBERG, PE, is an engineer living in New York City.